This is the 10 Gold "To Kill a Mockingbird" Wiki.

Today Tuesday the 24th, I want you to finish the Themes, Background and After the Trial work and then -

Research the use of Symbol in To Kill a Mockingbird. Identify one symbol - create a page. On the page put quotes from the novel that relate to the symbol. Explain the significance of the symbol.

Each group must go to one of the websites on the character pages and find a theme of the novel they would like to explore. When you find the one you want to do, immediately create a page with the name of the theme you have chosen. (If another group gets in first you must pick another theme.) Everyone in the group is to start to research the theme and must add information to the page..

Each group must select one of the following topics and create a page on and research the topic:
1. The War of Independence
2. The Civil War
3. The Klu Klux Clan
4. The Civil Rights movement.
5. Terminology and Language: (ie White Trash, Political Correctness etc.)
6. Specific setting of To Kill a Mockingbird - (Period, Season, Timeframes, Locations, Atmosphere.) (include an accurate map of the town.)
7. Backgrounds to the religions referenced in the novel.

All pages must include: A summary of your topic, a quick dot point reference guide, 2 informative websites, Illustrations and/or Podcasts that link to the topic.

Essential Questions for this Unit: How does fear and ignorance affect society? What difference can one person make? Who are the outsiders in our society?