What are the clues to identify Scout and Jems unkown attacker?

- Hearing sounds following behind them.
- Loud and heavy stomps of someone walking nearby.
- Fighting and crunching sounds.
- The voice came from a man.
- Scout ran into a mans "flabby belly".
- Out come ended up that Jem broke his arm and was unconscious.
- Scout saw a man carrying Jem in the distance back to the house.
- Bob Ewell was laying under the tree with a knife stuck in his chest cavity.

Before it is even revealed who the attacker was, we could have guessed that it was Bob Ewell from the evidence that is given. He wanted to seek revenge on Atticus, after the outcome of the Tom Robinson case. And would stop at nothing to get back at him. It also states that Scout could smell stale whisky and we know that Bob Ewell was a heavy drinker.

Clues In quotes:
"Our company shuffled and dragged his feet, as if wearing heavy shoes. Whoever it was wore think cotton pants; what I thought were trees rustling was the soft swish of cotton on cotton" (pg 288)

"He was running, running towards us with no child's steps" (pg 288)

"I ran in the direction of Jem's scream and sank into a flabby male stomach.... His stomach was soft, but his arms were like steel." (pg 289)

"My toes touched trousers, a beltbuckle, buttons, something I could not identify, a collar, and a face. A prickly stubble on the face told me that it was not Jem's. I smelled stale whisky" (pg 289-290)

"Bob Ewell's lyin' on the ground under the tree down yonder with a kitchen knife stuck up under his ribs. He's dead.." (Pg 294)

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