Character Page Task

You are to produce pages that expose your chosen characters : (Each group has 2 characters to explore)

Your page should have:
  • Key Words that describe the character (at least 10)
  • Quotes - What is said about the character, what the character says about him/herself, what the character says about others. (include page numbers and indicate who says the quote)
  • Explain the character's role.
  • Explain what the character does in the novel - what key events are they connected to - what is thier involvement in these event?
  • Tell us which essential question does your character most connect to and why?(See the home page for the essential questions)
  • Tell us whether your character is an insider or an outsider - explain briefly why.
  • Include relevant illustrations and images to make your page eyecatching - you could also include a relevent flash animation.
  • You must find 2 good educational websites on the net that discuss your character and insert a link to the appropriate page on the websites.
  • See if you can find some video images related to your character - or perhaps a podcast.