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Miss Rachel Haverford
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Miss Rachel Haverford is the next door neighbour to the Finch family. Her Nephew Dill who is a very mischievous boy comes to stay with her for regular visits throughout the summer holidays. Most mornings, Dill has claimed that she has been found drinking heavily on a bottle of whisky. Miss Rachael is not a woman of deserving a child's love. Although at times Miss Rachel could be very hard to deal with, she truly did love her nephew, and eventually got to realise that he did love to visit her. Miss Rachel became close friends with Jem and Scout's Aunt Alexandra and with the Finch kids after the regular visits they shared with her. Rachel and her extended family were Atticus' first case as a Lawyer as two of her relations had murdered the comunitys blacksmith. they pled not gilty at first but were later on hanged.

Even Miss Rachel, whom he stays with over the summer, is not a woman deserving of a child's trust and love. He is well aware of her drinking habits. He doesn't have a father, he doesn't know where he lives or when he'll come back, if he does.

Describing Words:

"I told her till i was blue in the face where i was goin'. She's just seein to many snakes in the closes. Bet that woman drinks a pink for breakfast every morning. Know she drinks two glasses full. Seen her."(236)

"Miss Stephanie and Miss Rahel were waving wildly at us in a way that did not give the like to Dill's observations" (239)

"Miss Rachel's house was beyond us, plainly visible..."

"....Do-o-o Jee-sus, Dill Harris! Gamblin' by my fishpool? I'll strip-poker you, sir!"

"'You get on in the backyard and stay there.' she said. 'There's danger a' comin'."

"Insider or Outsider"
Miss Rachel would be an insider as she is classed as a white in the community meaning that she is respected and treated by others fairly. Although she can sometimes be a derranged drunk, she would be looked at as an outsider. But overall she is classed as an insider.