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Boo’s brother, Mr. Nathan takes the place of their father when he dies. Whether he’s Boo’s jailor or protector is unclear. Equally unclear is his reason for filling up the knothole where Boo leaves gifts for the kids - does he want to keep his brother from making connections with the outside world, or just prevent him from getting hurt by thoughtless children? He does seem to see his yard as his own live-action version of Grand Theft Auto - when Jem, Dill, and Scout sneak up to the house at midnight trying to catch a glimpse of Boo, Mr. Nathan meets them with a shotgun blast. On the other hand, he helps save some of Miss Maudie’s possessions when her house catches on fire. Though we see more of him than Boo, Mr. Nathan is just as much of a mystery - no one really knows what makes him tick.

10 words to describe Nathan Radley:
1. Caretaker
2. Neutral
3. Uncanny
4. Peculiar
5. Conservative
6. Disinterested
7. Abnormal
8. Frightening
9. Intimidating
10. Menacing


Boo’s elder brother returned from Pensacola and Mr Radley’s place. The only difference between him and his father was their ages. Jem said Mr Nathan Radley ‘bought cotton’ too. Mr Nathan would speak to us, however, when we said good morning, and sometimes we saw him coming from town with a magazine in his hand” (pg 13)
“When Mr Nathan Radley passed us on his daily trip to town, we would stand still and silent until he was out of sight” (pg 44)
“Mr Nathan Radley was standing inside his gate, a shotgun broken across his arm. "(pg 60)
“Mr Nathan’s gonna find ‘em in the morning Jem. He knows you lost em” –Jems pants and sneaking into the Radley place (pg 62)
“Tree’s dying. You plug ‘em with cement when they’re sick. You ought to know that, Jem” (pg 69)

“‘Mr Nathan was at the fire’ he babbled ‘I saw him, I saw him, he was tugging at that mattress – Atticus, I swear..’” (pg 79)
“… Mr Nathan put cement in that tree, Atticus, an he did it to stop us findin’ things- he’s crazy I reckon” (pg 79)

How does fear and ignorance affect society?
What difference can one person make?
Who are the outsiders in our society?
In 'To Kill a Mocking Bird' Mr. Radley is cast as an outsider. His un-typical habits and strange ways are not accepted completly in Maycomb County. People blame Arthur Radley's absence entirely on Nathan, as they see he is the responsible care-taker for Arthur. Nathan Radley is a character who is perceived as, in some cases, a man who nobody really knows. Many people in Maycomb undermine his odd ways, and categorize him into an 'outsider.'