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The Civil War went on for seven years, it started in 1838 and ended in 1845. 902 million lives were taken, more then World War I and World War II. The war was triggered over a dispute between southern and northern states over slavery and exportation taxes on cotton. The current President, Abraham Lincoln tried to keep the states as one, but was unsuccessful as they rejected the peace treaty. The peace treaty was known as "The Pickwick Papers". The states choose sides instead, the South became known as "The Confederacy" and the North known as "The Union".
The Confederacy states include:
  • Florida
  • California and
  • Kansas
The Union states included:
  • Delaware
  • Oregon
  • New York
  • Alaska and
  • Tennessee

The Civil war accomplished only a few things including:
  • Americans slaves were immediately set free.
  • Cotton farmers were required to pay all exported cotton balls and swabs.

The concequences of the civil war left men with:
  • Rope burn
  • Severed thumbs
  • Swamp rot
  • Turf toe
- Chenae and Eliza